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10 Must Visit Wakeboarding Cable Parks

Are you tired of riding the same old park, hitting the same features day in day out? Want to switch things up and add a little spice to your wakeboarding game? With so many new and even more existing cable parks around the world it can be hard to find the best ones. We've compiled a list of 10 legendary wakeboarding cable parks that every rider must visit!

313 Cable Park, Lithuania

313 cable park quickly rose to fame within a very short time period, and now boasting 3 full size cables with varying levels of difficulty it is certainly a must-visit park! They offer great prices on ride and stay packages with luxury lakeside rooms and Briusly Bar; the on site restaurant will sufficiently fill your stomach after a big day of riding! Hosting events such as RedBull Wake2El and the "Riders Show" there are plenty of pro riders who come and spend their summer months at the park!

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Liquid Leisure, UK

The home of Plastic Playground. Liquid Leisure quickly gained recognition as one of the most progressive wakeparks globally with a huge variety of UNIT parktech features. Liquid Leisure is located in Windsor, about 30 minutes from Heathrow airport making it easily accessible for foreign visitors. The 2023 WWA Wake Park World Championships & Plastic Playground will also be held there July 2023 where professional riders from all corners of the globe will compete.

Thai Wake Park, Thailand

Looking for a destination with the perfect balance of challenge and fun? Thai Wake Park in Bangkok is the home to many professional riders and is the park of choice for hundreds of riders around the world during the off season. With lakeside rooms and a park suitable for riders of all levels this park is a must visit for any wakeboarder!

Hip-Notics, Turkey

This is probably as close to paradise as you can get. HipNotics boasts 2 state of the art cables each filled with some of UNIT's finest features. A week package at HipNotics includes accommodation in stunning lakeside rooms, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, system 2.0 sessions and much more!

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CWC, Phillippines

CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex) Wake Park is a premier wakeboarding destination located in Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines. You will be blessed with mirror flat waters, a breathtaking view of an inactive volcano, and unique man made features, CWC offers perfect wakeboarding conditions all year round. Our favourite part of CWC is no doubt the bi-level pool gap which they have created with some crazy rail setups! There's lots of different accommodation options and with loads of small little cabins parked by the lake it's one of Asia's finest cable parks!

Lunar Cable Park, Spain

Lunar Cable Park is located in Almeria Spain. Lunar boasts an impressive selection of uniqe shape obstacles and the location is unbelievable. The cable is a WakeParx 5 Tower and incredibly high making it perfect for both rails and airtricks! With an epic team running the park it's no wonder why pros travel from across the world to train here. It makes for a great experience for riders of any level!

Wakeboarding Langenfeld, Germany

Looking for a spot with a variety of cable options and obstacles? Look no further than Wakeboarding Langenfeld in Germany. Langenfeld has got to be one of the most impressive cable parks in the world, with multiple cables, surf pool and much more! It's home to the Langenfeld open which is one of the most prestigious professional wakeboarding events!

H1: Valdosta Wake Compound, USA

Valdosta Wake Compound made a huge name for itself in the past few years. It's a completely DIY cable park, with some insane hand made rails and ever changing layout. There is also 2 System 2.0's again with crazy handmade features which is the battleground for the famous Yardsale competition.

H1: Turncable, Germany

Turn cable has 2 full size cables which run in opposite directions. Having the ability to go from one cable to another so quickly keeps things super fun. With some exciting unit rails it's a fun filled lap on either side. They have accommodation on site for some European wake-cations. High quality food is also served at the lakeside restaurant!

H1: Whitemills Wake, UK

The UK's newest wake park has already amassed a huge collection of UNIT features floating around this 5 tower cable! Whitemills has become a huge hit in the UK and with big plans to build lakeside accommodation and host some major events this year we've got no doubt that this will quickly become an international hotspot! Situated in Kent it is just round the corner from the channel tunnel making it easily accessible by car for any European riders looking for an epic road trip destination.

So there you have it, folks - the 10 of the most epic cable wakeboarding destinations in the world. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, there's something for everyone on this list!

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