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5 reasons why you should join a wakeboard camp!

Maybe you've never heard of a wakeboarding camp before or maybe you're thinking of joining one for the first time. Wakeboarding camps are really a great way to progress quickly, experience new wakeparks and features and meet awesome people who share the passion of getting out there on the water!

Today we are going to talk you through 5 reasons why you should join a wakeboarding camp!

Progress fast and safely

Of course this has to be the number one reason as to why you would want to join a wakeboard camp, we assume that you want to improve your riding!

But attending a camp can help you to improve faster due to a number of different reasons:

  1. Pro coaches help you to tailor achievable and realistic goals

  2. They can give you new ways to look at doing tricks and riding in general

  3. Shortcut the trial and error process which goes in to learning without a coach

  4. Easily diagnose bad habits in all areas of riding

  5. Give you useful exercises to practice in your free riding time

Working with coaches can really help you to come a way with a bag of new tricks which you may have never have even thought about before and avoiding unnecessary big crashes trying tricks you may not be ready for yet. By applying the tips of the coaches you can come away with a completely fresh perspective of looking at the wakepark and opening up a whole world of new trick opportunities for you.

"I have probably had one of the best weeks of my life here at Hip-notics. I have learned more things than I thought I would at the beginning of this week and have been able to overcome my fear many times. " - Albrecht

Experience new wakeparks

Despite there being so many different wakeparks around the world, each one is unique. Taking part in a camp is a great way to experience new cables and learn new skills on different features which can be taken to other parks.

Some of the newer parks have some unbelievable venues and make for an unforgettable experience.

Meet new people and make new friends

A huge part of cable wakeboarding is the people you ride with. By learning in a group gives you the opportunity to try new things with others, which we have found from personal experience makes the whole learning process a lot easier. It's far less scary to try something with somebody else as opposed to on your own. It also gives you the opportunity to help others which can reinforce your own knowledge of the sport as well.

"I love the kind of energy when people come together because of a shared passion. Thanks guys for an amazing camp" - Laura

Learn from and get to know the Pro's

Having the opportunity to learn from and ride beside some of the best riders in the world is not only a great opportunity to learn from somebody who has proven their wakeboarding skills were good enough to make a career of, but also is an experience in itself. All coaches on our camps are super friendly and down to earth people and are always happy to help whether on or off the water.

Improve your confidence on & off the water

There really is no better feeling than overcoming a big fear. By learning and progressing in a safe way really helps to 'snowball' confidence on the water. Even by learning small tricks each day can really help you to feel a buzz after each session. By continually pushing camp members out of their comfort zone we have found a HUGE increase in confidence not only in their riding but also their confidence off the water.

So all in all, there are many reasons as to why a wake camp is a great choice. If you are keen to learn and meet others who share a similar passion as you, why not try something new and see how much you can learn!

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Max Mess
Max Mess
Oct 06, 2022

From being scared to trying anything on the kicker to sending it every time. Can't thank the guys enough, highly recommend the camps! Aside from helpful guidance, good vibes guaranteed! 😄

Ryan Peacock
Ryan Peacock
Oct 06, 2022
Replying to

Was so sick to have you on the camp Max! You left both of us feeling inspired to push ourselves more on the water as well and the attitude you came to with the camp was second to none! Awesome work and hope to see you again soon!

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