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Best GoPro Hero 11 video settings for Cable Wakeboarding in 2023

The GoPro is an unbelievably powerful camera for great value, but for some reason the footage doesn't quite seem to look like any of those unbelievable shots you've seen in the ads. Unfortunately the factory GoPro settings can only take you so far. By understanding how to fully unlock the GoPro and understanding it's different settings you can take your footage to a whole new level.

In this article we are going to be showing you our exact settings and explaining each one to help you understand how the camera works to really make your GoPro footage pop!

So before we begin you are going to need to enable "Pro Mode" . This essentially unlocks all of the camera settings which are going to need to change. To do this simply swipe down from the top, then swipe right and change "controls" from easy to pro. You are also going to want the video mode to be on "highest quality".

This will look a little different on the GoPro

Now we are ready to start changing some settings! It's important to know the function of each setting so you can adjust to various situations.



The resolution of the image is basically how big the image is. Higher resolution = better quality but also will take up a lot more space and depending on your laptop be very slow to edit.. We don't usually tend to film anything above 4k as 5.6k takes up lots of space, and for Instagram, YouTube etc. you don't really need anything more than 4k.


The frames per second determines how much you can slow your footage down. Depending on which Anti Flicker mode you are in your frame rate options may vary.

NTSC = 60Hz PAL = 50Hz

NTSC frame rates:

24 fps = No slowmotion

60 fps = 40% slowmotion

120 fps = 20% slowmotion

240 fps = 10% slowmotion

PAL frame rates:

25 = No slowmotion

50 = 50% slowmotion

100 = 25% slowmotion

200 = 12.5% slowmotion

The 2 different modes may seem a little confusing, but if you are in doubt just stick to whatever the GoPro offers you!


The lens setting allows you to change how wide the GoPro can see.

Hyperview (widest)




Linear + Horizon Lock (narrowest)

It's important to always consider how far away your subject is. If you are very close use a wider Lens setting. If you are far away use a narrower Lens setting to avoid the subject looking tiny!


This one probably doesn't need much explaining. The higher the Hypersmooth, the more stable your footage will be.

10 BIT

10 Bit increases the amount of colours you GoPro can capture. If you do any colour grading (which we would recommend), 10 bits colour allows you to really tweak the colours of the footage without them falling apart and looking grainy.


Bit rate determines how much information is written in each video file. We'd recommend always having the bit rate set to high for best quality.


If you are just starting out we'd recommend leaving this on auto, however if you purchase some ND filters you can achieve some really awesome looking motion blur (to make the rider look as if they are going very fast) To achieve natural motion blur you need to have the shutter speed set to 4 x the frame rate.

24 fps = 1/120

60 fps = 1/240

120 fps = 1/480

240 fps = 1/960


White balance determines how warm (orange) or cool (blue) the video is. For wakeboarding we always have this set to 5500K


We always have our sharpness set to low.


The color setting changes how saturated your footage looks straight out of the camera. We have ours set to low and then add the colours in during editing.

Spend some time playing around and seeing what each of these different settings do and you will be well on your way to mastering the GoPro.



STANDARD (For vlogging & off water clips)

Resolution: 4K

FPS: 25

Lens: Superview (this can change depending on situation and desired look)

HyperSmooth: Auto Boost

10 Bit: On

Bit Rate: High

Shutter: Auto

White Balance: 5500K

Sharpness: Low

Color: Flat

WATER (For most riding clips)

Resolution: 4K

FPS: 50

Lens: Wide (this can change depending on situation and desired look)

HyperSmooth: Auto Boost

10 Bit: On

Bit Rate: High

Shutter: 200

White Balance: 5500K

Sharpness: Low

Color: Flat

SLOWMOTION (Only used for specific shots)

Resolution: 2.7K

FPS: 200

Lens: Wide

HyperSmooth: Auto Boost

10 Bit: N/A

Bit Rate: High

Shutter: 800

White Balance: 5500K

Sharpness: Low

Color: Flat


If you've found today's article helpful, please consider becoming a member for more helpful tips and tricks like this!

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