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Cable Wakeboarding tips and tricks with The Peacock Brothers

After a long time of our website being unused we've decided to utilise this space and dedicate it to sharing our knowledge of Cable Wakeboarding with the world.

For those of you who don't know, we are Ryan & Liam Peacock, two professional

wakeboarders from the UK. Starting wakeboarding at the ages of 8 & 10 we have been in the cable wakeboarding world for as long as we can remember. Over the past few years alongside riding ourselves we discovered that we love teaching and sharing our knowledge with others to help them to quickly progress and achieve their goals.

Alongside our private coaching we have been lucky enough to have had hundreds of participants join our 'Wake Camps' where we run group sessions at different cable parks around the world to help large groups to improve. We will be using this website to share opportunities to join our upcoming camps and we hope to see some of you on them!

We will be using this platform to regularly post useful tips and tricks to help troubleshoot common problems we see when coaching, and help you learn some new ways to improve your wakeboarding!

Make sure to join our community and start progressing today!

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