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Can you do this Cable Wakeboarding challenge? (Harder than you expect)

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Photo by @scowl.brocoli

Today we are going to talk about a challenge which may be a little harder than you think. Are you up for it? It sounds easy: the kicker 180 challenge.

How many 180 variations are possible off the kickers?

  • 2

  • 4

  • 6

  • 8

Now we're not just talking about doing a single 180 off the kicker, we're talking about doing ALL the 180's off the kicker.

The beauty in cable wakeboarding is how many variations there are to a single trick. In the case of the 180's the correct answer is 8 variations.

- Heelside frontside 180

- Heelside backside 180

- Toeside frontside 180

- Toeside backside 180

- Switch heelside frontside 180

- Switch heelside backside 180

- Switch toeside frontside 180

- Switch toeside backside 180

Practicing these very basic tricks are the perfect way to get you ready to take them onto other featured around the park. The 180 challenge really incorporates lots of essential skills necessary whilst cable wakeboarding. Switch riding, blind landings, the toeside backside handle pass (a tricky on to master but a great tool to have in your skill set)

By having a good consistent pop and learning how to do all of these 180's consistently you are going to be able to tackle much more difficult tricks around the wake park.

So give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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