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Don't miss these 6 recent wake edits!

We've been getting too excited with the summer season approaching. Over the past few months we've seen some absolutely insane videos and want to start sharing some of what we see in the hopes that you may find some inspiration or ideas from them too. We will be releasing these regularly so you can find the stoke easily before some sessions this year!

It's actually hard to put into words just how insane this video is. Follow Pedro on an adventure around the Amazon River in Brazil, packed with crazy spots, a great storyline and a crazy NBD at the end for you.

Graeme Burress + CWC wakepark = Some mind blowing wakeboarding. Graeme has previously spent a lot of time out at CWC in previous years, but this was the first time he's returned since the Pandemic. A true wakepark paradise at the base of a volcano and Graeme's unique style and creativity makes this one a truly enjoyable watch.

Honestly this one took us by surprise a little bit! Beni's raw-style edit brings the heat with a great mix of technicality, style and amplitude. Big kicker bangers and some super steezy rail hits left us in disbelief! Definitely recommend giving this one a view!

Busty gives us a little preview of some of the practice that went down at the Embily Open at Singapore Wakepark. Featuring riders such as: James Windsor, Liam Peacock, Matty Muncey, Claudia Pagnini & Joe Battleday, it's safe to say the level of riding was high! It's always fun to see how different riders style varies and this practice recap certainly shows it!

It's great to see more and more crews forming in Cable Wakeboarding and putting out some higher quality content. Filmed at Wakepark Tunisee with crew: Rien Van der Pas, Sven Schueber, Mats Vanhauer, Nicklas Dorfer, Philipp Burkhardt and Luuk van der Pas. Our German friends got us hyped to get out there on the water with friends again this year, session together and have fun. Interesting hacks, a variety of riders all throwing down ad some big slams are to be expected in this video.

The LemonadeNormal team have done it once again! Combining exciting filming and editing with out of the box ideas, a solid crew and some sick riding this was one of our favourites for sure. We absolutely love the production that went into this video! Nice work team!

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