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Games to play with friends to improve your wakeboarding!

Growing up we were fortunate enough to have a big group of friends who we rode with almost everyday. To keep things exciting we came up with a few fun games to improve our riding and have fun! In our eyes, riding and trying new things with friends will help you to progress faster. There's nothing quite like landing a new trick before your friend!

Because these games were invented when we were younger, we decided to show you some of our favourite (or not) images from our time growing up wakeboarding

PRO TIP: These are not just for kids!


This game can be played with literally anybody on the carrier in front of you. The aim of the game is to simply copy exactly what the person in front of you does. And when we say exactly we mean exactly. Just because you are a regular rider and your friend is goofy doesn't mean that you do everything in your natural stance. The whole point of this game is to get out of your comfort zone and to try things which seem uncomfortable.

Pair up with a friend and take turns to set the tricks for one another. This game is a great way to become a better all round rider as you can find yourself being forced to do some tricks which you might not normally go for in a session. It can be quite entertaining setting the tricks if you know that your partner struggles with a certain skill. Work together & keep trying and you will start to level up together!


Before we start to explain this game you first need to understand that we were literally children when we came up with these. "Stackamalacka" just seemed to be the best name to call this, and thinking about it, it still is.

The aim of the game is when one person in the group crashes (stacks) everybody else HAS to try something new (malacks?) on that feature / flat water section. Everybody needs to then wait to watch the others try their tricks. If somebody doesn't try something new and crash then they get the silent treatment from the whole crew for the rest of the session. If they try something new and land it, they're a hero! It's never fun walking back on your own so if you can all try something new and fall together it makes the walk back to the dock a far more enjoyable experience.


This game not only improves your consistency, but also your arsenal of tricks.

Team up with a friend to ride doubles with and take turns to set tricks on either side of the cable. Rider 1 will do a full line of tricks on the front straight and rider 2 will do the back straight. Once both riders have set their lines it's time to swap sides and see if you can do what the other rider has set.

Spin 2 Win

We watched this game being played online around 10 years ago and will massively help with kicker spins & grabs. Each riders will take turns to spin 2 spinners. The first spinner will determine the spin variation (up to 720)

  • HS FS

  • HS BS

  • TS FS

  • TS BS

  • All of the above but switch

The second spinner will determine the grab:

  • Tail

  • Nose

  • Indy

  • Mute

  • Stalefish

  • Melon

And the timing of the grab:

  • Before handle pass

  • After handlepass

Everybody playing needs to try to complete the trick set by the spinners. Some of the combinations which result can be very challenging! If a rider fails to complete the trick they receive a later (WAKE)

Unfortunately there did used to be an app for this which was great for down the lake but is no longer available, but you can put the options listed above into a simple random generator like this for the same result:


These games really helped us to improve our wakeboarding! As previously stated, they aren't just for kids! Try some of these out for some extra entertainment and progression with your friends at your local cable park!

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John Stinson
John Stinson
01. Feb. 2023

Looking forward to trying some of these at the Hipnotics wake camp. Just over 2 months to go 😁

Gefällt mir
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