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Cable Wakeboarding Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

In many other sports there is a solid etiquette laid out that is followed by many of the riders to keep the peace between riders and allow everyone to have a good time.

When it comes to Cable Wakeboarding there are definitely a few rules that some know and others do not so in this post we're going to try to clear things up.

These are a few of the things that we have learned over the years.


We want to start with riding on the cable. When riding on the cable you are often sharing it with anywhere from 6-12 other people who want to have fun too. While practicing new tricks or riding along, try to avoid slaloming your way down the cable. Cutting hard from side to side can cause the cable to shake and effect other riders on the carriers behind and in front of you. When learning it's definitely a good idea to get those heelside and toeside edges locked in but try to keep it steady on your edges to save the cable shake.


Another important tip is Swimming from behind obstacles after crashing. When everyone is riding and of course crashing trying new things, it's very important to swim away from the obstacles and then take your board off when you are in a safe position. We see it far too many times where a rider lays on their back, directly in the landing zone of an obstacle (sometimes not even looking at it) while taking their board off. If another riders approaches the kicker and doesn't spot you, there is very little they can do in the air other than look you in the eyes, thinking "oh dear oh dear..." as they're flying towards you, wishing you'd swam that little bit faster.


The next tip is about keeping the features wet for other riders. On a hot sunny day there is nothing worse than riding around and getting stuck to the rails or kickers and going flying. If you ride past a rail or kicker that you are not hitting that lap and give it a good old spray I can guarantee you the person behind you is going to be pretty stoked. This leads us nicely on to the next point.


When riding try to be aware of the rollers that you are creating. If you look behind you riding you will see you create a mini wake (or for us heavier guys, maybe a slightly bigger wake!) Try to be aware of where you are edging as for other riders it can be very off putting to have big rollers in front of a kicker or rail or also in the landing. When not hitting obstacles, instead of riding directly down the middle of the cable, try to edge gently towards the obstacles to allow your wake to disperse onto the outside of it before the next rider approaches it. I can tell you from first hand experience the following rider will be very happy and maybe even thank you later.


Our next tip is to remember that without learners our sport won't grow, so go out of your way to help them, give them a tip or hold their board up as they go off the dock. They also may not know the unwritten rules of Wakeboarding as well as you, so instead of shouting across the lake, have a chat with them and let them know so they can pass on the knowledge. This one will go a long way at the cable park and can help to make new riders feel welcomed at the park and want to come back.


One last mention is don't ping the handle, it's okay to let go when you crash and this will save you from shaking the cable for all the other riders. Especially don't ping the handle into the motor tower. If you crash on an air trick into the motor tower, don't try to hold on if it is not looking good as this can cause major damage to a vital part of the cable. Many riders try to hold on until the bitter end which will lead to your hands getting hurt, other riders getting angry that the cable is stopped and all round not ideal vibes...


But on the whole remember to have fun on the water! Share your knowledge to others, keep the vibes high and help to grow our sport so we can welcome more people onto the water.

These are just a few tips we have compiled together but if you have any others then be sure to share them with us!

Did you know all the unwritten rules of “Cable Etiquette”?

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John Stinson
John Stinson
20 de jan. de 2023

All great points! Good post.

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