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Why you can’t land that 360…

For many people in Wakeboarding the 360 is a big milestone as it's usually their first handle pass kicker trick. We often have countless people come on our camps with a goal of leaving having completed this trick.

Carry on reading to find out how to get it done!

Top tip: It can often help to perfect the 360 handle pass on something more basic like a wide flat box or even on the water before taking this to the kicker.

When approaching the kicker you want to have a gentle cut while still carrying some speed. You're aiming to go somewhere from the bottom inside corner, up to the middle of the kicker.

A lot of people think that by pulling on the handle early, they can cheat and start the rotation sooner, meaning they will land it easier - this is not what you want to do. This is usually one of the main reasons people crash or get thrown off axis in the air on a 360.

When approaching the kicker you want to allow your arms to extend a little bit, giving you your full range to pull in when you want to start the rotation. You also want to have your knees slightly bent and a nice central balance on your board.

As you are coming to the very top of the kicker, this is when you want to pull in on the handle to your back hip to start the frontside rotation (for a backside spin this will be pulling past your front hip and into the "back pocket").

Most important thing to remember! The stronger and harder you pull on the handle, the easier the 360 handle pass will be.

This is often something we find ourselves repeating to people on the camps but it really is the key to this trick. Always wait to the top of the kicker and then when you get there, you want to pull as strong as you can to initiate the rotation and keep that handle as close to your waist as you can when spinning.

Other tips for the 360 are to try and push your hips up to the handle as you pull in (this also gets that peachy bum of yours out the way for the handle pass) and to try and turn your head into the rotation to get your self spinning and spotting the landing. And remember, "if you look down, you'll go down" so keep that head up and look where you're going as the 360 comes around.

We would suggest trying this trick towards the start/middle of your session when you have the most power in your arms, rather than waiting towards the end when you're tired and mistakes can happen.

Points to remember:

  1. Gentle cut into the kicker

  2. Extend arms on approach

  3. Pull strong and hard at the very top of the kicker

  4. Hips up to the handle and keep it close to your waist

  5. Turn head to spot the landing but don't look down!

We wish you the best of luck on this one and if you have any problems feel free to sign up to our online coaching where we can review your videos and give you personal feedback! The link is here:

You can also check out our video tutorial here:


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